The Next Stage was established to assist individuals striving to make a difference in their lives. As part of
our services offered, it is our objective to help those in need to plan and achieve education goals and make a
difference in their life. We are a one-stop resource organization for young adults with extra challenges. We
focus on achievement, employment, education, healthy relationships, and our staff will provide guidance to
individuals, monitor their progress and on-going support.

Whether you are enrolled in our diversion program, receiving tutoring or in our educational support classes,
we give full attention to making sure our clients are comfortable in studying and understanding the materials

As an incentive, all our classes are offered online to provide convenience to those in need.
Referrals for services can be made by family members, courts, teachers, school counsellors and social
Mission Statement
Developing todays youth into mature responsible
citizens and leaders for the future.
The Next Stage
An Educational and Support Organization
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